Stamos teases ‘Full House’ news; Gets photobombed with Saget at Bonnaroo [pics]!/JohnStamos/status/346972479807430656

Squee-fodder activate! John Stamos teased that swoon-worthy news via Twitter on Tuesday morning. A “Full House” Jesse and the Rippers reunion? Have mercy!!/kbeddia/status/347010131541770240

Twitter users still love Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. As Twitchy readers know, they delight in the awesome Twitter-banter between the pair. And Stamos recently divulged that cast mate Lori Loughlin may have been “the one who got away.”!/hailey_krause/status/346642413160378368

Fans prepared to throw their iPanties on stage:!/LindzBrightside/status/347027935913467904

Truth or tease? Well, they are going to have to make it happen somehow regardless.!/TheTLsound/status/347033422901948417!/RichnerdTweets/status/347032261486575617!/jeppenbrock/status/347029198025670656


Heh. Don’t mess with Stamos’ hair! Just ask Mika.

Stamos also upped the squee factor with on-scene photos from Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2013 in Manchester, Tennessee.!/JohnStamos/status/346441493533315072!/lizann52391/status/347031216312172545

We do too. Full Buddies!!/bobsaget/status/346711193899114497


Stamos continued posting great photos:!/JohnStamos/status/346467835381444608!/JohnStamos/status/346485060649750529

He also helped drum up followers for his co-star Callie Thorne.!/JohnStamos/status/346511677438701568

Smart move posting that photo, Ms. Thorne!!/JohnStamos/status/346629947055550464


And only John Stamos would discover racist goods at a fireworks store. He’s just that good.!/JohnStamos/status/346837054736449536

Back to Bonnaroo …!/JohnStamos/status/346948144728256514

Ha! Stamos is a huge fan of the photobomb.

Keep tweeting, Stamos. And make that tour happen!


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