How Well Do You Know The Golden Globes?

  1. 1. What venue has been home to the Golden Globes since 1961?

    1. Kodak Theater

    2. Beverly Hilton Hotel

    3. Staples Center


    Beverly Hilton Hotel!

  2. 2. Who hosted the Golden Globes before Ricky Gervais?

    1. Neil Patrick Harris

    2. Jon Stewart

    3. No one


    No one!

    Before Gervais began hosting the show in 2010 there was no regular host for the Golden Globes. The show simply opened with an introduction by a different presenter every year.

  3. 3. What actress has the most nominations in the show’s history?

    1. Meryl Streep

    2. Katharine Hepburn

    3. Jodie Foster


    Meryl Streep!

  4. 4. What actor has the most nominations in the show’s history?

    1. Jack Nicholson

    2. Jack Lemmon

    3. Tom Hanks


    Jack Lemmon!

  5. 5. What was been the official champange for the past 22 years?

    1. Veuve Clicquot

    2. Moet Chandon

    3. Perrier-Jouet


    Moet Chandon!

  6. 6. Who is the oldest actress to win a Golden Globe?

    1. Maggie Smith for “Downtown Abbey”

    2. Betty White for “Hot in Cleveland”

    3. Jessica Tandy for “Driving Miss Daisy”


    Jessica Tandy!

  7. 7. Which movie was Bill Murray NOT nominated for?

    1. “Ghostbusters”

    2. “Lost In Translation”

    3. “Groundhog Day”


    Groundhog Day!

  8. 8. Who refused their Golden Globe in 1973 due to U.S. “imperialism and racism?”

    1. Al Pacino for “The Godfather”

    2. Marlon Brando for “The Godfather”

    3. Jon Voight for “Deliverence”


    Marlon Brando!

  9. 9. Which one of these actors HASN’T been nominated?

    1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    2. Michael Cera

    3. John C. Reilly


    Michael Cera!

  10. 10. Who is the youngest winner in the show’s history?

    1. Anna Paquin

    2. Abigail Breslin

    3. Ricky Schroder


    Ricky Schroder!

  11. 11. Which of the following shows has won Best TV Drama?

    1. 7th Heaven

    2. Dawson’s Creek

    3. Party of Five


    Party of Five!

  12. 12. What is the only film to win all five major categories?

    (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay)

    1. “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

    2. “The Godfather”

    3. “Schindler’s List”


    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest!

  13. 13. Which famous New Jersey musician has never won a Golden Globe?

    1. Bruce Springsteen

    2. Jon Bon Jovi

    3. Frank Sinatra


    Frank Sinatra!

  14. 14. Of the following, which show has won Best Comedy Series the most?

    1. Seinfeld

    2. Cheers

    3. Sex In The City



How Well Do You Know The Golden Globes?


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