7 Caffeine-Infused Beauty Products That Will Wake Your Face And Hair Up ASAP


When I woke up this morning, it was still nighttime.

My phone may have said 6 am, but my heart said, What the hell are you doing? Go back to sleep.

Thats fall for you.

The sweaters and hot mugs of tea are wonderful, the shortened daylight hours are not. They tend to leave me feeling like a zombie in extremely tight skinny jeans.

I have a solution, one that comes just in time for National Coffee Day: Instead of picking up a latte at your local Starbucks, mixan extra shot of caffeine into your beauty regimen.

Think of the effect a cup of joe has on your system, making you buzzy and focused simultaneously. Thats basically what caffeine will do to your skin, amping up blood circulation to create a more even, younger-looking face or do.

Ready to get caffeinated? These are a few of the best products for waking up your bod.

Proganix Volume Shampoo, $10

If youre starting the day with fresh hair, dont use just any old shampoo. Proganix may be a drugstore brand, but reviewers love its Volume line for extra-fine hair.

The formula contains both soy protein and caffeine to give you hair the size of Dolly Partons. Thats no feat easily achieved.

IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Conditioner, $25

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