20 Ways To Take Your Short Hair To The Next Level

1. Flair it up!

Grab the tutorial here.

2. Modernize your do with a windswept look.

Grab the tutorial here.

3. Rock a side braid.

Check out the tutorial here.

4. Go radical with a mohawk.

Grab the tutorial here.

5. Or a side knot.

Check out the tutorial here.

6. Add some texture to your curls…

Learn how to create this do here.

7. Or rock out the mini mod.

Check out how to make your hair look like this, here.

8. Give yourself a crown.

Check out the tutorial here.

9. Twist it for a simple but elegant look

Learn the twist here.

10. Or go for three mini twists for something more fun!

Learn how to achieve this look here.

11. Go with a classic ’60s updo.

Check out the updo tutorial here.

12. Or go for a thick head braid

Learn how to braid your hair like this here

13. Create curls with flex rods.

Learn how to do it here.

14. Double braid for some extra flare.

Check this out here.

15. Fake your updo.

Learn more here.

16. Or mess it up on purpose.

Check out the tutorial here.

17. Be really adventurous and go for a updo with a twist AND a ponytail.

Check it out here.

18. Create some boho beach waves.

Check out the tutorial here.

19. Or ultra feminine with a ballerina bun.

Learn how to do this here.

20. And when in doubt, wrap it up tight!

Learn how to wrap your hair here.

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